Driven to succeed, with help from Ceratizit

In under seven years, Driven Engineering has grown from a one-man operation with just a second-hand three-axis machining centre into a thriving subcontract manufacturing business on the back of founder Ray Harris’s commitment to invest in the company’s future.

The type of components machined by Driven Engineering lend themselves to vices, rather than fixtures, which is where Ceratizit UK & Ireland plays its part. In addition to providing cutting tools, Ceratizit has also been instrumental in kitting out the pallets with its latest ZSG4 vice system. The ZSG 4 vice has several benefits, but key to Driven Engineering is the ability to grip billets on just 3 mm of material.

“Using such a small amount of material for gripping allows us to program the part using the bottom of the billet as the datum, while we also get great access to five sides of the part,” says Harris. “In addition, the vices deliver consistent grip and accuracy, making them ideal for unmanned machining.”

In total Ceratizit has supplied Driven Engineering with 75 ZSG 4 centric vices, in a combination of 125 and 80 mm widths. Each vice is capable of applying up to 35 kN of gripping force, which allows the minimum grip depth of 3 mm. A further advantage is the lack of any requirement for billet preparation prior to gripping, which Ceratizit says is unlike other systems on the market. Their suitability for pallet-based machining is enhanced by their compatibility with PNG, MNG and Lang zero-point clamping systems.

Further support is provided by the Ceratizit tool-vending system that Driven Engineering has installed, which helps to maintain production with 24-7 tooling availability.
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