Dowse relies on technology from Thame

Located close to the UK’s motorsport valley in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes, Dowse Engineering ensures the efficient and cost-effective delivery of quality components through continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, which includes a range of workholding equipment from Thame.

“An example of the many advantages we have gained through the use of Thame Workholding’s products is our recently purchased InoGrip system,” says director Trevor Dowse. “Before loading a billet on to an InoGrip vice for milling, we stamp the workpiece in our InoGrip stamping station. The four precise depressions allow the specially shaped ends of the InoGrip vice’s three jaws to lock into the last 6 mm of the workpiece. This positive fit makes it possible to securely clamp the workpiece with just a fraction of the previously necessary clamping force. In addition, the arrangement provides a reference point for reinserting workpieces in the vice with a high degree of repeat accuracy. Much reduced machining times, improved precision and substantial cost savings on materials means that we anticipate a rapid return on our investment.”

The InoGrip system uses a high-pressure hydraulic press to simultaneously apply four cruciform indentations to the last 6 mm of the workpiece billet. Following the stamping operation, when transferred to the InoGrip chuck, the male cruciform features engage with the workpiece indentations. As a result, a positive, secure fit is produced with a holding force that is up to 10 times higher than that produced by conventional gripper jaws, says Thame.
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