Diamond-tipped tooling from Horn

A CVD diamond-tipped tool system, DDHM, has been introduced by Horn for the cost-effective drilling and countersinking of sintered carbides and ceramics of hardness up to 3000 Hv. DDHM is said to enable short throughput times, high surface quality, lower costs and more flexibility within the production process, as well as long tool life.

Due to the fact they allow machining to take place on conventional milling and turning centres, DDHM tools do away with costly and time-consuming grinding and eroding processes. There is also an opportunity for savings in capital plant, as investment in expensive new machinery can potentially be avoided.
Thanks to its ability to machine carbide punches and dies, the DDHM system is particularly suited to manufacturers in the tool and die-making sector. However, the tools also offer advantages in other areas, including the medical, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in punching, forging and forming technology.
Horn CVD-D-tipped drills can be used for producing holes in solid material to a maximum depth of 10xD. The drills are of two-edged design and available in diameters ranging from 2 to 10 mm. All versions feature an internal coolant supply.
For chamfering and countersinking, Horn offers the CVD-D end mill from stock in diameters of 3 and 6 mm, and with flank angles of 15, 30 and 45°. The 3 mm version has five teeth, while the 6 mm version has six.
For further information www.phorn.co.uk