Diamond investment for tooling business

Astley Diamond Tools is a two-person business based in Witton, Birmingham that recently made a significant investment in the latest Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) turn-mill technology from Citizen Machinery UK.

And, within just three months of installation, proprietor Ben Astley has been able to transform the firm’s blank-turning operations for its diamond-tool production and open a door to new revenue
by using his sliding-head machining platform to provide
a subcontract turn-milling service.
“Swarf problems totally controlled our business of machining silver steel blanks to which we then electro-plate diamond finishes,” says Astley, who is progressively appreciating the benefits accruing from the installation of a Citizen Cincom L20-VIIILFV turn-mill centre. He describes a recent example of 500 rotary diamond burrs used to fettle cast iron. Astley relays how he had to almost stand by his previous aging Citizen sliding-head machine and stop it every five or so parts to clear the tangled bird’s nest of swarf that had accumulated.
“It would take at least 70 hours to produce the batch, but now, with LFV, I can complete the same order well inside 16 hours. I can now concentrate on the electro-plating, packaging and other duties such as paperwork. Most surprising, perhaps, is that new machine has opened a new door in providing customers with a subcontract turning service. Customers who often just call
in to collect parts or give me
an order for diamond tools or plating work are immediately impressed by the new machine and giving me orders for other turning work.”
For further information www.citizenmachinery.co.uk