Demonstrating potential for productivity

More than 200 visitors from around the world are expected to visit this year’s Turbine Technology Days at Starrag’s headquarters in Switzerland on 19-20 June, when Starrag and Haimer will be presenting a host of developments for increased efficiency and reliability in turbine production.

A number of demonstrations will be presented, including a new machine for blisk production; the machining of stator segments in one set-up rather than four; how adaptive machining strategies eliminate ‘air cuts’; and tool shrinking, balancing and pre-setting technology integrated into an Industry 4.0 environment.
The keynote speaker Dr Francesco Parisi, general manager of Italian turbine manufacturer Pietro Rosa TBM, will provide an insight into the company’s production activities. Starrag’s Turbine Technology Days are also supported by specialist partners, and there will be the opportunity to visit Haimer to see production processes at its plant in Bavaria. UK aerospace professionals interested in attending the event should email the contact below.
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