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Prompted by increasing demand, Oldham-based North West Polishing Ltd is currently involved in further expanding its production facility and investing in new, highly efficient plant. As a major element in its latest expansion phase, the company recently purchased a VG T-300-3K polishing machine from Ellesco.

Managing director Andrew Marston says: “Having previously purchased polishing machines from other suppliers with somewhat mixed results, we turned to Ellesco. Together, we came to the conclusion that the T-300-3K polishing machine would satisfy our requirements. Following a trouble-free installation and operator training, our new polisher is now enabling us to process much greater quantities of products in a range of high-quality finishes. Furthermore, the speed of the machine ensures that we are able to deliver within the strict timeframes required by our customers.”

The VG T-300-3K uses three abrasive belt heads fitted with 300 mm belts, each driven by individual 7.5 kW motors. According to Ellesco, swapping from one abrasive belt grade to another is both quick and easy. The machine boasts pneumatic floating linishing heads that automatically compensate to ensure consistent pressure is applied to long, non-uniform workpieces. In addition, the T-300-3K provides powered adjustment for different thicknesses of bar and box-section products, while automatic belt tension removes unwanted oscillations.

With a through-feed conveyor, speed adjustment allows slow throughput for demanding applications such as heavy scale removal and pronounced extruder draw lines, through to fast throughput speeds for fine finishing and jobs where minimal heat generation is a requirement.

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