Cyan Tec takes advantage of Trumpf technology

Cyan Tec Systems, a designer and manufacturer of bespoke automation systems, is relying on Trumpf solid-state fibre- and disk-laser technology to help maximise the quality and reliability of its machines. The company currently has 14 Trumpf lasers at various stages of machine integration across its shop floor in Leicester, eight of which are for laser-cutting applications.

“We supply to both industry and the research sectors, working with major laser source and laser head/optics manufacturers to offer a complete solution,” explains Cyan Tec’s sales manager Richard Copson.

Prominent among this number is Trumpf, with which Cyan Tec has had a successful business relationship since 2009. The partnership has grown in recent years following Trumpf’s acquisition and subsequent rebranding of SPI Lasers.

“We use Trumpf because their lasers suit our very diverse mix of projects,” states Copson. “Trumpf’s wide spectrum of lasers means they can nearly always offer a solution, which is a big advantage for us. We also tap into their support. We don’t have any on-site demonstration facilities for lasers, so we rely on Trumpf for component trials. It helps to prove the process and provides customer confidence.”

At present, the company is building 14 systems featuring Trumpf lasers, 12 of which are TruFiber P compact models. TruFiber P compact series lasers are available in a convenient 19-inch format with laser power of up to 2 kW.

“We buy a lot of these lasers because they have a small dimensional envelope,” says Copson. “We take them as rack-mounted OEM modules, which gives us the flexibility to add whatever optical set-up we require on the end. The TruFiber P compact has a competitive price, is practically maintenance-free and offers an integrated safety concept.”
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