Cut X wire EDM: One-size fits all

There are many wire EDM machines on the market. Some deliver faster processing speeds, while others are more accurate. Identifying the optimal wire EDM machine solution has, until now, been a trade-off because GF Machining Solutions says there has never really been a machine that does everything well.

According to GFMS, its CUT X series of machines bucks the trend. Developed and manufactured at the company’s Losone factory in Switzerland, these EDMs are available in two sizes: the CUT X 350 (with a maximum workpiece size of 800 x 550 x 250 mm) and the CUT X 500 (1050 x 700 x 250 mm). GFMS says the machines are extremely accurate because of a new thermal management system and optimised mechanics.

The machines maintain consistent thermal conditions via sealed cabinets and doors that ensure cold air containment within the workspace, as well as controlled air flow. By keeping heat sources away from the mechanics, CUT X models perform consistently without the ill effects of temperature fluctuation outside the machine.

Notably, the machine’s CNC collects data from an array of temperature and humidity sensors located inside and outside of the work area as a further contributor to ambient workspace conditions. The data drives an AI algorithm that predicts possible thermal deformations and compensates the positioning of the X, Y, U and V axes. This AI-driven compensation enables high-accuracy results, even with the environmental temperature fluctuations that are common during long cutting cycles.

New additively manufactured upper and lower heads increase the cutting speeds of CUT X machines. The heads reduce the distance between the guides and the part, creating improved accuracies during cut, while also increasing the amount of fluid that pushes through to optimise flushing and cutting speeds.

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