Customised press-brake tooling

Mate Precision Technologies now offers modified standard and custom press-brake tools that supplement its range of standard hardened and precision-ground solutions.

While Mate’s standard tools fulfil the needs for most fabricating operations, bending variations may require modifying the angle of a standard punch or die by a few degrees. This alteration is easily accomplished because the induction hardening depth is 3-4 mm. As a result, material removal to modify an angle or change a radius can be achieved without jeopardising the tool’s structural integrity.

Other frequent tool modifications include cutting a window or relief pocket to provide clearance so that a formed part does not collide with the punch during the forming process. Mate offers adjustments backed by extensive experience to ensure its modified press-brake tools perform up to expectations.

When a standard or modified standard press-brake tool is not the best solution, the company’s application specialists can design a bespoke tooling solution. Frequent custom requests include forming multiple bends in one stroke to decrease manufacturing costs by increasing the number of formed parts produced per hour. A good example is a hinge curl tool that can form the curl in two or three strokes.

Mate offers an endless variety of custom press-brake tools for virtually every special bending requirement. All Mate press brake tools – standard, modified and custom – are backed by the company’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
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