Complete machining of spherical components

The compact, high-precision machine tool Sphero, designed for machining workpieces with spherical forms, has been further developed by Thielenhaus Microfinish into a hybrid solution capable of handling the entire superfinishing process in just one set up.

Thielenhaus has designed an innovative trial machine that can machine spherical workpieces, with the highest demands in terms of fine dimensional accuracy and surface quality.
The workpiece is mounted vertically and is therefore easily accessible for fast changeovers. Thanks to the integrated tool changer with a capacity for up to 10 tools, even complex machining processes can be carried out in a single set up.
The trial machine is based on one that was previously used for the manufacturer’s subcontracting work, and is also equipped with QuattroClean CO2 snow-jet technology that enables workpieces to be cleaned using an environmentally friendly, dry and residue-free method. After cleaning, the machined component is subjected to a scattered light measurement procedure that allows, for example, the shape or the gloss value to be determined.
Workpieces with diameters of up to 75 mm can be machined on the Sphero. The machine is used in the automotive industry for machining the joint heads of wheel suspension and steering components that require a high level of freedom and movement for the associated assembly units. Sphero is also used to produce metallically-sealing valve balls and seating rings for valves in the chemical industry, through which aggressive or very hot media travel. Another application is the axial piston pump found in all fields of hydraulics.
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