Compact machining centre from DMG Mori

A new machining centre has been introduced by DMG Mori that, despite having travels of 700, 420 and 380 mm in the X, Y and Z axes respectively, has a footprint of just 4.2 sq m.

The DMP 70 takes up 10% less space on a factory floor than the machine it replaces, the MillTap 700, of which more than 3000 have been sold.
Available either as a three-axis CNC machine or fitted with an optional swivelling rotary table to enable five-axis simultaneous machining, the production centre is suitable for the manufacture of medical parts. However, it is equally well suited to producing smaller parts in the aerospace and other demanding sectors,
as well as in the job shop.
Provided that components fall within its working envelope, the DMP 70 is able to lessen the load on larger capacity, more expensive machines. A high degree of rigidity in machine construction, including a grey cast iron machine bed and 35 mm wide linear guideways, allows a metal removal rate that is 10% higher than the maximum possible on the MillTap 700.
With rapid traverses of 60 m/min and acceleration up to 2 g, the DMP 70 offers dynamic performance. In the machine’s standard version, it is equipped with an inline, 10,000 rpm/78 Nm spindle. Fast tool change and chip-to-chip times of 1.5 seconds also contribute to high productivity. The tool magazine has capacity for 15 cutters up to 250 mm long; 25 tool pockets being an option.
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