CAM strategies for turning operations

CADCAM developer Open Mind (hall 17, stand 620) will be presenting Virtual Machining, a key component of the company’s HyperMill Maxx Performance machining system that is said to reduce cycle times by up to 90%; and the package will see the inclusion of the RollFeed turning system from tool manufacturer Vandurit.

According to Open Mind, RollFeed generates flawless workpiece contours in no time at all.
As a three-axis machining strategy, RollFeed turning makes it possible for the entire contour of the cutting edge to ‘roll-off’ rotationally symmetric surfaces of any shape. The cutting movement is produced by a horizontal swivelling of the B axis with simultaneous compensation for the X and Z axes. This action means that grooves can be machined with a single tool in a single movement.
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