CADMAN v8.7 adds powerful features

LVD has released CADMAN v8.7, the latest update of its software suite, which introduces several key features such as the ability to integrate foreign operations like tapping, chamfering and painting. There are also updates for CADMAN-JOB (MES), CADMAN-SDI (Smart Drawing Importer), CADMAN-P (punching), CADMAN-L (laser cutting), CADMAN-B (bending) and Touch-i4 (sort and validate). LVD’s software suite helps streamline the sheet-metal fabrication process to make smart manufacturing possible.

The latest version of CADMAN is able to integrate foreign operations – defined as non-core and secondary operations – including tapping, deburring and grinding. This update helps enhance the sheet-metal fabrication process flow by allowing CADMAN to control, monitor and log an order from raw material to finished part. Foreign operations are now visible in the CADMAN-JOB overview screen, and can be tracked and traced in the production process for real-time transparency. Using a single system (CADMAN) keeps the user interface consistent and helps improve process efficiency.

CADMAN v8.7 can now manage the complete sheet-metal production process without the need for an ERP system. Users can create work orders within CADMAN-SDI for transfer to CADMAN-JOB.

Notably, CADMAN-L can destroy internal contours using a spiral cut, avoiding possible collisions and saving processing time. The latest version of LVD’s punching and laser-cutting CAM software maximises material usage with the option to ‘expand parts’. When the sheet is not completely used but there is not enough material to create a remnant, CADMAN can automatically spread components over the entire sheet, providing larger margins between parts for increased stability during cutting.

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