Bystronic installs smart factory in Australia

Lowa Lighting is implementing its future vision with a smart factory from Bystronic. It is the first such Bystronic installation in the country. Lowa Lighting specialises in supplying commercial, industrial and architectural lighting solutions to the Australia and New Zealand markets. Founded in 2010, the company has its headquarters in Sydney.  

The history of the first Bystronic smart factory in Australia began in 2022, when Lowa Lighting won a contract to furnish the public schools in the state of New South Wales with its environmentally friendly LED lighting solution, replacing the existing fluorescent lamps. 

The first discussions between Lowa and Bystronic began, laying the foundation for the design of an automated system. Once the contract was signed, planning of the installation commenced in early 2023. Under the direction of the Bystronic Solution Centre in Nieder√∂nz, Switzerland, and with the support of the local project team, the cross-divisional team implemented the project successfully. The facility commenced operations in March 2024. 

Lowa’s smart factory comprises the following: a ByStar 3015 laser cutting system with 4 kW power; a BySort sorting system; a ByTrans Modular automation system with five towers and storage system; a bending cell with Xpert Pro 150/3100 sheet metal bender and bending robot, connected to the storage system; and a mobile bending cell featuring an Xpert 80 compact press brake.

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