Busi moves to five-axis CMMs

Italian subcontract manufacturer, R Busi, has made a strategic decision to move to five-axis CMMs. The use of Renishaw five-axis measurement heads has enabled the company to meet the verification needs of increasingly complex part designs and deliver the tolerances and repeatability required.

R Busi operates from a 22,000 sq m facility in Mezzanino, where its factory houses 40 production machines that include lathes, five-axis vertical milling machines and four-axis horizontal machining centres. Some 40 production personnel are employed, working in two shifts.
The five-axis measurement technology adopted by the company had to provide the flexibility required to verify a highly diverse range of parts produced for a range of sectors.
Initially, the company had a measurement head retrofitted to an existing three-axis CMM. Once the system was proven, two new CMMs were added, both specified to include five-axis measurement heads at the outset. Renishaw’s Revo and PH20 five-axis measurement systems were selected.
Head of quality at R Busi, Paolo Orlandi, says: “We already used Renishaw machine probes throughout our production processes, so equipping a dedicated measuring room with closely related technology from the same supplier was a logical and easy step to take. Since our production activities can often include some quite complex bespoke parts, we really wanted to adopt something a little better than a standard three-axis CMM; something that would give us the accuracy, flexibility and speed needed.”
The introduction of five-axis measurement technology has had a wide-ranging impact on R Busi’s precision manufacturing operations, as Orlandi explains: “By dramatically increasing measurement speed and significantly reducing production downtime, the business has gained a serious productivity advantage.”
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