Bringing more accuracy to standards for long axes

The latest release of Renishaw’s CARTO software suite, version 4.9, provides analysis-based data-stitch functionality for long axes using Renishaw’s XM-60 multi-axis calibrator and XL-80 laser system. The new analysis-based data-stitch function in CARTO Explore allows users of XM-60 and XL-80 laser systems to analyse stitched data to international standards. By adding this function to CARTO Explore, those tasked with calibrating longer axes can now easily stitch together and analyse data captured from the XM-60 using the target-based measurement mode.

In short, the added capability enables XL-80 laser system users to break down measurements of longer axes into smaller sections and stitch them together. This capability reduces the environmental (noise) effect on each section and increases the accuracy of the total measurement.

Dan Throup, product owner for calibration software, says: “Adding data stitch for the XL-80 laser enables measurement of long axes in several short sections, which is particularly beneficial now that short-range straightness optics, with better performance, are usable for longer axis measurements.”

Renishaw demonstrated the CARTO software suite, its premium digital ecosystem for the company’s laser calibration products, at EMO 2023 in Hanover last week.

CARTO consists of three applications: Capture to collect laser measurement data; Explore for analysis to international standards; and Compensate for error correction.
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