Brass wire, but better

Combining a better continuous casting process with enhanced heat treatment methodologies has developed a high-performance new EDM wire: Bedra Betterbrass from Berkenhoff.

The company’s engineers have created a brass wire electrode comprised of a completely new alloy that delivers up to 10% faster cutting speed. Moreover, the wire is plug-and-play on all machine types. This electrode utilises innovative and efficient production processes to deliver performance never before seen in a traditional brass wire, claims the company.
The patent-pending wire offers reliable performance at a better price, to deliver faster eroding and less wire consumption.
Innovative alloy technology is another secret behind the enhanced performance of Bedra Betterbrass. The CuZn40 special alloy is paraffin-free and features a Pyrit gold surface. Tensile strength is 900 MPa, while elongation is 1%.
Wires of the Betterbrass One type are supplied on K160, K200, K250, K355, P5, P10 and P15 spools, with a wire diameter of 0.20, 0.25 or 0.30 mm.
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