Bowers shows quality control and connective metrology

Bowers Group showcased a range of connective metrology solutions at the Control 2023 exhibition in Stuttgart earlier this month. Visitors saw live product demonstrations to illustrate how effective data transfer between measurement equipment and applications can boost manufacturing productivity.

On display was a range of Bluetooth-enabled hand tools and height gauges working in conjunction with Sylvac’s Sylcom software, showing how connectivity can improve efficiencies and reduce errors. Visitors had the chance to see Bowers’ Made in Britain registered, digital external micrometer, DigiMic, which features advanced, built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Offering quick, simple and highly accurate measurements, the DigiMic can easily integrate into any Industry 4.0/SPC system.

The new Baty Venture Plus XT 80100 was also on display. Complete with the company’s standard zoom optics and programmable, segmented LED surface lighting, the new Venture Plus XT 80100 CNC boasts a 640 x 600 x 250mm measuring range. The use of a touch probe is optimised on a CNC system, meaning that measurements from data points taken using the probe can be combined with those taken using video edge detection for optimal inspection times.

The Baty SM350-FT2-E vertical light path 350mm/14-inch diameter screen bench profile projector wasamong other solutions on display, featuring a large, heavy-duty, high-precision work stage with 250 x 125mm measuring range.

Bowers Group also exhibited its oldest brand, Moore & Wright, presenting a range of handheld metrology instruments such as micrometers, calipers, indicators, height gauges and general workshop measurement tools.
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