Blum shines spotlight on laser measuring systems

Blum-Novotestpresented its new LC53-Digilog laser measuring system for tool measurement and monitoring in CNC machining centres, at the recent Control 2023 show in Germany. With this system, Blum has expanded its product spectrum to include an optical system with a separate transmitter and receiver unit alongside forward-looking Digilog technology.

Devices with separate transmitter and receiver units – namely the predecessor systems Mini NT and Micro Single NT – have been in the company’s portfolio for many years and are valued for their high degree of precision and process reliability. Thanks to the Digilog technology employed in the LC53-Digilog, it has been possible to enhance these attributes even further.

While the tried-and-test digital/switching laser measuring systems based on NT technology generated only a small number of signals by shading the tool, the new Digilog laser measuring systems generate many thousands of measurement values per second while dynamically adjusting the measuring speed according to the tool’s nominal speed. The LC53-Digilog also measures each cutting edge individually, rather than just determining the value for the longest cutting edge, and thereby makes a comparison possible from the shortest to the longest cutting edges. Run-out errors, caused by contamination of the taper of the tool holder, for example, are automatically detected. Furthermore, due to the large number of measurements per cutting edge, the LC53-Digilog is able to detect contaminants and cooling lubricant adhering to the tool. By deducting them from the calculations, it makes measurement results even more reliable.

The LC53-Digilog is particularly easy to install with the newly developed mounting set, which comfortably aligns the transmitter and receiver unit. It is possible to attach systems to a machine wall using only a single threaded hole.
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