BLM Group unveils LS7 sheet laser cutter

BLM Group says that the key strengths of its new LS7 laser cutter for sheet metal workpieces include cutting speed and accuracy. Furthermore, the system offers high productivity and ease of use, and is provisioned with all the features characteristic of premier systems of its class.

Says Mauricio Gutierrez Matta, global business development manager – sheet metal lasers at BLM Group. “The goal was to supply superior performance at the lowest possible price, which we achieved by only focusing on sheet metal cutting functions and eliminating all the elements previously necessary to integrate tube processing. In an increasingly competitive market, part cost is a fundamental aspect and it is necessary to have the right machine for each specific production process. Only in this way can costs be truly optimised.”

BLM Group’s LS7 was designed as an entry-level product in the high-end system segment, namely a product with all the features and functionality of a high-end system, but at an attractive price. It has a conventional aluminium mobile gantry structure actuated by a rack and pinion system, which slides on a very strong metal structure, filled with polymer concrete to ensure high rigidity even with high acceleration up to 2 G.

The cutting area has been designed to protect the bellows from the glowing sparks thrown in all directions, especially during piercing. Access is only from the short side and the entire
machine remains completely enclosed for safety reasons related to the fibre laser source. The cutting process can be viewed by means of a camera, the image of which is visible on the operator console, on an additional external monitor, and also remotely.
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