Better to ‘B-Safe’ than sorry

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is now offering UK manufacturers the new B-Safe from Balance Systems. B-Safe expands spindle and machine-tool diagnostics according to vibration and temperature analysis. The miniaturised system installs directly on to the machine’s spindle, guaranteeing real-time monitoring and the reduction of machine downtime by predicting malfunctions and potential failures. However, the system can provide so much more. Based upon fully customised solutions from ETG, B-Safe has an overload alarm, an overheating alarm with programmable thresholds that correlate with real-time data from process monitoring, and can create a collision alarm within 1 ms
B-Safe easily retrofits to virtually all machine tools and spindles. The system consists of a B-Safe sensor with a connector or integrated cable, a UPS and TCP-IP connection device interface, a start-up kit with software and user manual, a wide range of extension cables, and M5 to M12 adaptor and magnetic support that can all be fitted with simplicity.

Options include an event logbook, tri-axial real-time data recorder, high-frequency mono-axial data, FFT analysis, a collision waveform recorder, historical trends, spindle check-up, service notes and the ‘Fingerprint’ feature (a B-Safe app intended for condition monitoring of machine tool and machine tool spindle based on vibration analysis).
This information and much more is available in the always-connected HMI, while the multi-platform software provides users with full control from anywhere. The B-Safe HMI is a software platform that allows interaction with multiple sensors at the same time and is available in different languages and layouts. It is suitable for PCs or machine-tool control panels that run Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x or 10.

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