Bearing firm invests in Studer grinder

Wimborne-based Loadpoint Bearings, a UK manufacturer of air-bearing spindles, has invested in a Studer FavoritCNC universal cylindrical grinder to help increase its output following the company’s move to a new, three times larger facility.

Operations director Richard Broom says: “Our air-bearing spindles are used for a range of exacting applications, such as in precision rotary tables for metrology-based systems. To make sure that Loadpoint spindles are manufactured to the highest quality standards we use a range of advanced machine tools, not least our 18-year-old Studer S36 grinder. In addition to our old Studer delivering the levels of sub-micron precision and first-class surface finish characteristics that we require, over the past two decades it has proven to be highly productive and extremely reliable.
“Despite having enjoyed a first-class experience with Studer and the company’s regional agent, Advanced Grinding Supplies, when an additional high-quality grinder was needed, mindful of possible technical advancements made by other manufacturers, we did look at a couple of other brands,” he adds. “However, having had an impressive demonstration of a Studer FavoritCNC, we were convinced that this was the ideal machine for our grinding needs and we were happy to continue our loyalty to the brand.
“The help of Peter Harding, the owner of Advanced Grinding Supplies, was invaluable when specifying our new Studer machine and ensuring that it corresponded with our specific requirements. Now in constant use, our Studer FavoritCNC is producing impressive volumes of premium-quality, highly precise components.”
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