Autonomous machine optimisation software

Productive Machines, a provider of autonomous machine tool optimisation technology, is making its core technology available in a fully automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. The company says that its SenseNC Finesse software is the world’s first to provide automated optimisation of all milling operations, enabling manufacturers to set up each machine tool and run production without chatter at every cutter location across the tool path.

The software uses an artificial intelligence (AI) model to optimise machine processes and is deployed at more than 10 major manufacturers already, including Renault and MASA Aerospace. By making it available as an automated SaaS product, Productive Machines aims to help many more manufacturers eliminate trial and error iterations on machine tools, reduce waste, and deliver better and faster products.

According to the company, machines configured with the technology not only demonstrate the ability to produce parts in half the original time, but also to improve surface quality significantly and reduce waste by up to 25%. In addition, users report a substantial decrease in tooling costs, up to 20%, on optimised machines.

SenseNC Finesse is now available to manufacturers using Siemens NX CAM software via a software plug-in, enabling them to improve the performance of existing machines within their chosen CAM environment. Productive Machines will launch a plug-in for Mastercam users this summer and make its software available to users of CAM software from other vendors in the coming months. 

Dr Erdem Ozturk, CEO at Productive Machines, says: “Since the beginning of our journey, manufacturers have told us they needed an optimisation solution that doesn’t require extensive experience to use. We’ve poured more than 100 years of our cumulative machining dynamics and software engineering expertise into creating our autonomous, easy-to-use solution for users of all levels.”

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