Automation investment proves its worth again

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of DN Solutions’ machine tools (formerly Doosan machine tools) in the UK and Ireland, has recently supplied an automated machining cell to a precision aerospace subcontract specialist. The cell was delivered and installed at ASG Arrowsmith’s machine shop facility in Coventry and is being used, at present, to machine a range of pre-production, high accuracy aero-engine parts for the new, ultra-efficient Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 business aviation engine.

Says Jason Aldridge, ASG Arrowsmith’s managing director: “We’re gearing up for full production and, since the cell’s installation, have been focused on designing, optimising and proving-out the machining processes for eight Pearl 700 engine parts ready for PPAP, a standardised aerospace industry process for the design and manufacture of new and revised parts.”

The parts being machined by ASG Arrowsmith are all made from aerospace-grade titanium alloys and other exotic materials. They are machined to exacting tolerances and super-fine surface finishes, and are characterised by their complexity and intricate features – many of which can only be produced economically by using simultaneous five-axis machining technology.

DN Solutions’ DVF 5000 machining centre provides ASG Arrowsmith with full five-axis simultaneous machining capabilities and, as such, enables the company to machine complex, high-precision parts to completion in a single set up. To improve productivity and process efficiencies the machine is integrated with a compact eight-station automatic workpiece pallet changer: each pallet is 350 x 350 mm in size and has a 250 kg maximum load.

ASG Arrowsmith regularly invests in advanced machine tools and automation systems from Mills CNC.

“We are advocates of the advanced technologies they supply and the applications and technical support they provide,” says Aldridge.
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