Automatic straight-cutting bandsaw released

Meba Saw has introduced the MEBAmat 330, an automatic straight-cutting bandsaw with 330 mm capacity. Available in the UK from ADS Precision, its carbide-compatible power package means the saw is designed for cutting solid bar, tubes and profiles, even from hardened, difficult-to-cut materials.

The saw runs continuously for single or multi-shift operations, whether operating two shifts, or unmanned three-shift operations. This fully enclosed saw is compact and practical. It saves space, has a larger machine door with a gas damper to keep it safely open, and allows easier access to faster blade changes and bandsaw maintenance. What’s more, Meba says that it does not sacrifice operator safety. The Plexiglas cut-outs allow safe observation and monitoring of the sawing process, while swarf and chips are prevented from exiting the machine envelope.
According to the company, a key feature of the saw is its ease of use. There is a material database in the controller which produces cutting values. With its search function, the material can be selected (length, width and other dimensions) before a saw blade and optimal cutting values are recommended. The operator can store cutting jobs with the saw’s memory function, while the machine can also import sawing programs from CAD.
The MEBAmat 330 is designed to offer solid, smooth, accurate cutting with its ball leadscrew feeding and latest linear ball guideways. Additional options include laser-monitored height detection and material width collision detection.
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