Automated sheet-metal part production

At the recent EuroBlech exhibition in Germany, Bystronic showcased new solutions that in the near future will enable the company’s automated production line for the end-to-end manufacture of sheet metal parts to be expanded with value-added modules for the effective pre-processing of components.

For instance, prior to laser cutting, the latest ByFlex system is able to drill holes as well as deburr, thread-cut and countersink. The integration of these functions allows users to incorporate extra machining operations within the production line for added efficiency. In addition, a labelling function marks the parts with a code that can be scanned at downstream stations for reliable identification.
Newly developed software architecture, called Shop Floor Control System, was also launched by Bystronic for monitoring and controlling a complex production facility, which might involve an automated manufacturing solution such as a production line networked with stand-alone sheet metal handling and machining stations. Laser cutting systems, press brakes, automation equipment and machines from third party suppliers can all be included. The software assumes the centralised control function and helps users to optimise production flow continuously so that throughput and delivery times are met.
Within Shop Floor Control System, each integrated element provides real-time information on the current order status, scheduled maintenance and updates, or any malfunctions. All information is displayed on the control screen, enabling decisions to be made regarding any problems or warnings that arise.
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