Automated loading for all fabricators

With the ByTower Compact automated load/unload system, the productivity of a Bystronic laser cutter can increase significantly without occupying much space. Thanks to its small footprint, the ByTower Compact opens up lightly manned manufacturing for any size of company. This offer is possible because system installation takes place vertically, directly above the shuttle table.

Notably, it is possible to customise the storage tower height to meet specific user requirements and make optimum use of available space. The system supports two different configurations, allowing metal sheets to be stored directly at the machine, regardless of whether they arrive with or without a wooden pallet. As a result, raw material is available immediately.

The ByTower Compact can also serve as a buffer storage facility where materials are prepared for unmanned shifts during the night or over weekends. Manufacturers can therefore process large batches of parts outside of normal working hours, with the ByTower Compact taking care of material handling. Sheets for upcoming jobs can be conveniently prepared without interrupting the machine’s running processes.

Bystronic’s ByTower Compact offers storage space for a wide range of material types and thicknesses, as well as for the storage of cut parts after processing. Reduced set-up times and an optimal material flow ensure maximum utilisation of the laser-cutting system, because sheet metal is stored exactly where it is needed most: at the machine.

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