Australia’s largest ever mill

A Starrag Group-supplied Droop+Rein gantry milling machine with X, Y and Z-axis traverses of 14,000 x 13,000 x 3500 mm, plus an 11 m rotary table to permit turning operations in the same set-up, will be the largest machine tool to ever enter operations in Australia.

Being supplied to the Naval Group in Osborne, South Australia, the five-axis giant will be used to machine hull elements and other high-precision components for the Royal Australian Navy’s Attack-class submarines.

The order for the machine comes after the Australian Government selected French company Naval Group to deliver a fleet of 12 submarines that are to be built in a modern construction yard in Osborne.

Starrag Group is collaborating with Australian machine-tool manufacturer, H&H Machine Tools, to deliver the Droop+Rein G 110TT HR100C vertical gantry machine. H&H will manufacture key components, supply qualified personnel to help install the gantry and provide technical support for the entire life cycle of the machine. Starrag will provide H&H with the necessary expertise through on-site training and quality control.

The size and efficiency of the machine being supplied, which is also capable of turning thanks to the integrated rotary table, was of fundamental importance to the purchase decision. Starrag Group’s Droop+Rein G 110 TT HR100C owes its high-precision to features such as the hydrostatic guides in all linear axes, as well as the thermo-symmetrical design of the milling unit with integrated C axis.
Milling heads can be changed automatically via a head change interface. The team responsible selected five different machining heads to use in this project: the high-performance fork milling head possesses the ability to not only apply tools at any angle, but has the necessary prerequisites for heavy-duty machining in five axes simultaneously.

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