Auctim powered by Moyersoen

Moyersoen, a Belgian auction house with decades of experience in both regular and online auctions, will lift its offer and service package to a higher international level from 2020 onwards.

The company will do this under the name Auctim. Since 2007, the auction software that Moyersoen has relied on for years has evolved to become a major global platform. In 2019, Moyersoen and partners started organising online auctions in Germany, France, Netherlands and the Czech Republic.
To reinforce this internationalisation, Moyersoen has opted for the new, more accessible name ‘Auctim’, and opens its software to partners worldwide. Professional sellers and auction houses on an international level can now offer their auctions on one central website – the Moyersoen website – which was renamed Auctim on 6 January 2020.
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