App remotely controls sawing machines

KastoApp facilitates the remote visualisation of Kasto sawing machines on the shop floor. The app displays the operational status of all networked machines equipped with the manufacturer’s proprietary SmartControl, AdvancedControl, ProControl or ExpertControl systems. Users can see the name, machine number and type of saw at a glance. If a machine is running in automated mode, KastoApp can also access the information stored in the program that is running. It provides users with exact information on relevant parameters such as the item, cut length, target and actual quantities, band feed rate, and cutting speed. If a fault occurs, the app displays a graphic of the relevant error message, enabling users to visualise the problem and react immediately to minimise downtimes.

Kasto also has a solution, KastoSort robot link, to automate production processes upstream and downstream of the sawing process and integrate them into a uniformly controlled material flow. Industrial robots can not only remove sawn parts independently, but may also perform additional tasks such as deburring, chamfering, centring, threading, marking, printing, sorting, stacking and picking.

This robotic solution can be further integrated with a container management or driverless transport system. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Kasto can integrate the robot control into either the saw’s CNC system, or its own KastoLogic WMS, or an existing ERP system, enabling users to monitor and control the process with a single interface.

Thanks to customised interfaces ranging from SAP, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics to customer-specific software solutions, the KastoLogic WMS can be easily connected to a higher-level host system within the company, as can individual Kasto sawing machine controls. The resulting communication structure significantly increases transparency.

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