Apeks ‘regulates’ quality with Mitutoyo

Blackburn-based Apeks, a specialist in the manufacture of diving regulators, uses an assortment of Mitutoyo profile projectors that are strategically situated throughout the company’s production and QC departments.

As ever-growing global demand for Apeks’ regulators had resulted in increased levels of output, the need for an additional profile projector recently led to the purchase of a Mitutoyo PJA3010F-200.
The latest profile projector has a 200 x 100 mm X-Y range and a 380 x 250 mm table with built-in linear scales. Easy-to-read digital counters are located near the device’s 315 mm diameter projection screen, while a digital angle display facility eliminates the need to perform complex calculations.
Inspection data gathered by Apeks’ assortment of Mitutoyo profile projectors is downloaded to Mitutoyo’s MeasurLink software via RS 232C outputs. MeasurLink links and manages the measuring results generated by Apeks’ profile projectors into a common database of component information and statistical data. This data is shared across Apeks’ entire manufacturing facility and is used to prompt corrective actions, for analysis purposes and for various reporting functions.
Apeks’ quality manager Simon Mercer says: “Although we use a range of advanced material testing and inspection aids, we regard our collection of Mitutoyo profile projectors as our inspection workhorses. Quality control staff use the profile projectors for tasks such as making regular in-process quality checks, and for final inspection routines. In addition, our machine setters use them for duties such as checking the accuracy of first-off components before our machine operators continue a production run.”
For further information www.mitutoyo.co.uk

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