Anticipation builds for GrindTec

The GrindTec 2020 exhibition is set to take place in Augsburg, Germany on 18-21 March and, for the first time, MTI magazine will be among the exhibitors.

The last edition of the biennial show in 2018, attracted 19,100 visitors, up 6.4% against the 2016 event. Around 38% visited from countries other than Germany. In addition, some 645 exhibitors from 30 countries attended in 2018, a rise of 11.8%.
GrindTec is major international exhibition on grinding technology. However, beyond purely grinding, the focus of 2020 exhibitors will also be on topics such as Industry 4.0 and electromobility. The quality of GrindTec visitors has always been praised by exhibitors, with the outstanding characteristic cited as decision-making competence. At the 2018 show, 64% of visitors were sole decision-makers or directly involved in the decision-making process.
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