Adaptive manufacturing with metrology feedback

To perform the complex mathematical calculations required for metrology-based, real-time adaptive control of CNC machining processes, powerful CMM software needs to be directly integrated within the manufacturing system.

CappsNC, from Applied Automation Software, an adaptation of CappsDMIS CMM software, has been developed to program any machining centre so that it can perform advanced measurement, metrology and GD&T calculations using the standard DMIS language. Offline programming, with automatic collision avoidance and five-axis toolpath generation, allows the programming of all machine configurations, including multi-axis mill-turn machines.
A CAM style programming environment with realistic machine tool virtual model, simulation capabilities, automatic path generation with collision avoidance, and complete geometrical fitting and tolerancing functionality, are embedded within the CappsNC programming environment. Multi-view graphics with an intuitive UI programming environment make it simple to create measuring programs for any machine tool configurations.
CappsNC also connects with a comprehensive library of machine tool controllers, providing a real-time direct interface: a G-code program is generated from the DMIS measuring program. CappsNC graphics displays live 3D simulation of the measurement process with calculations performed as soon as measured data is collected. The calculated metrology characteristics, such as best-fitting the data set to a CAD model, are integral to ‘on-the-fly’ decision making. These are written back to the machine tool CNC as a part of the adaptive control cycle.
AAS says that CappsNC is an independent measuring probe brand that uses its own generated macros and can work with existing installed machine tool probes.
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