Aberlink provides shop-floor accuracy

Pinxton-based Nasmyth Bulwell, which specialises in the manufacture of precision parts, kits, airframe assemblies and sub-assemblies for the global aerospace and allied industries, has installed an Xtreme CNC CMM from Aberlink.

“Having evaluated several shop-floor CMMs against our list of requirements, a demonstration of Aberlink’s Xtreme CNC CMM, together with Aberlink’s market reputation, convinced me that the Xtreme was the ideal machine for our needs,” says quality manager Jonathan Walsh. “The accuracy, CNC nature and speed of our new Aberlink CMM means that it is able to perform comprehensive inspection routines on manufactured components within the cycle time of the machine tool it is located next to. Now, rather than our skilled machine operators taking a first-off part to our busy inspection department and experiencing delays waiting for a CMM to complete its current task, they are able to quickly confirm component dimensions before commencing full production.
“In the cell, as a machined part is now fully inspected before the next component is produced, the speed of feedback achieved through in-cycle measurement allows adjustments to be made quickly when a feature is drifting from its nominal size,” he adds. “Our new inspection method has increased efficiency and further reduced our already low scrap rates.
“In addition to taking the strain off our busy inspection department, the efficiencies we have realised through the use of our new shop-floor CMM mean that we plan to purchase further Aberlink Xtreme models in the future.”
For further information www.aberlink.com