A high-end HMC inside a small footprint

To accommodate the diverse needs of the marketplace, Starrag Heckert has introduced its new H Compact series of horizontal machining centres (HMCs). The benefits of HMCs can sometimes be overshadowed by the sizeable footprint of the machines in comparison to their vertical counterparts. However, with its H Compact Series, Starrag Heckert says it is delivering the benefits of a horizontal with a compact footprint that will appeal to manufacturers.

Looking at the merits of the new machines, Lee Scott from Starrag says: “These horizontal models feature a trunnion table with five-axis capability. We can also incorporate a high-speed table for turning, a configuration that gives us the ‘T’ range. In its basic guise, it’s a twin-pallet HMC with a monobloc mineral cast base that is very vibration-absorbent and stiff.”

The machine column has positive-leveraged ratios that are credit to maximum guideway distances, while weight compensation improves the performance, accuracy and efficiency of the ballscrew-driven Y axis.

Alluding to the pallet system on the new series, Scott says: “It’s a twin-pallet machine where the ground pallet surfaces ensure perfect interfaces for the fixtures, whether it be on a trunnion or a standard B axis. Outside of the machine, we have the set-up station. Thus, while the first pallet is working inside the machining area, the second pallet is either loaded by a robot, an FMS or an operator.”

Taking a closer look at the operator interface on the new H Compact series, the machine incorporates the latest FANUC or Siemens control.

“Operators love our system, it has a touchscreen and multi-screen facility that offers the perfect solution for engineers who want to get the maximum amount of data from the machines,” concludes Scott.

For further information www.starrag.com