500 3D-printed parts for Lotus project

Stratasys has partnered with Radford, a global luxury automotive brand, to create over 500 3D-printed parts for the launch of the coach-built Lotus Type 62-2 as shown in the Discovery+ documentary, Radford Returns. The show features car builder and host Ant Anstead and former Formula One driver Jenson Button, and documents the build of the retro-modern Lotus Type 62-2 supercar.
Viewers get an inside look at the 3D-printing process from designing to prototyping, tooling, and finally producing production parts utilising Stratasys FDM, PolyJet and stereolithography 3D printing technologies. To produce the first two cars, over 500 parts were 3D-printed at the Radford Studio, automotive design and engineering firm Aria Group, and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

For further information www.stratasys.com/automotive