3D-printed parts for E-Type jaguars

Eagle, a restorer of the classic Jaguar E-Type car, has announced a partnership with Graphite Additive Manufacturing Ltd to use HP’s Jet Fusion 4200 3D-printing solution for the production of custom parts.

According to Eagle, the company has already seen a huge increase in quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency after switching to HP’s 3D printing from other additive processes.
Since using HP’s 3D-printing platform for air conditioning and heating air ducts within E-Type cars, Eagle has benefitted from significantly reduced turnaround times, streamlined processes and greater flexibility to meet customer demands. HP’s 3D-printed parts allow Eagle to produce in low volumes with design and economic advantages, as the digital 3D model is easily adjusted and the final part swiftly printed.
For further information www.hp.com/uk

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