3D-printed gas turbine blade success

Siemens has received an award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for its technological achievement with the first successfully 3D-printed and tested gas turbine blades.

Siemens kann mit seinem umfassenden Wissen in den wesentlichen Bereichen wie der Werkstoffkunde, der Automatisierung, dem Fertigungsprozess und der Verfahrenstechnik die Hochleistungskomponenten mittels Additive Manufacturing herstellen.
Siemens is able to produce the high performance components using Additive Manufacturing due to his broad knowledge in materials sciences, automation, manufacturing and process know how.

The components were tested at 13,000 rpm and temperatures beyond 1250°C, and featured completely revised and improved internal cooling geometry manufactured using AM technology. Siemens’ project team worked with blades manufactured at the company’s 3D printing facility in Finspong, Sweden, and at Materials Solutions, the recently acquired company in Worcester, UK.
For further information www.siemens.com