96% measurement efficiency boost

Williams Aerospace Engineering has invested in a Baty Venture XT CNC vision system to measure critical precision-machined components manufactured at its facility in Northam, Southampton, where tolerances in turning, milling, grinding, honing and gear/spline cutting are often 0.002 mm.
One of the biggest challenges facing Williams Aerospace Engineering was the amount of time it took to measure components and collate all the data for its customers. By way of example, for a client with particularly high measurement requirements, it would take the quality department 1-2 days to measure the positions of two holes on a batch of 100 cover plates, in addition to entering data on an Excel spreadsheet.

Since investing in the Baty Venture XT CNC vision system, this measurement process takes just 2 hours, which is a massive 96% increase in measurement efficiency. The inspection team at Williams Aerospace Engineering is able to load the fixture to the machine, insert a part, recall the program and teach the datum position, completing the same batch of 100 parts within this much shorter timeframe.

David Fripp, managing director at Williams Aerospace Engineering, says: “The Baty Venture XT helps to ensure our product quality by giving us a more consistent and repeatable measurement method. Once we have a new program, the Venture is far more accurate than our old manual CMM, which is reliant on the points taken by the operator moving the probe by hand, rather than the CNC control on the Baty system. It is very easy to use and the camera resolution is far more accurate than a standard projector using surface illumination.”

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Entry-level multi-sensor CMM

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has released a new multi-sensor CMM that facilitates smart manufacturing by providing a cost-effective entry point into automated measurement.

Fully compatible with a range of Hexagon smart technologies, the Optiv Lite 3.2.2 is a benchtop CMM designed to deliver a smooth transition from manual to automatic quality methods for greater inspection accuracy, reliability and efficiency. In addition, the CMM offers connectivity to end-to-end manufacturing solutions for process and product improvements traditionally beyond the scope of entry-level machines.

Optiv Lite 3.2.2 is purpose-built for the quick and precise non-contact and tactile measurement of small parts across a range of industries, including e-mobility, precision engineering and medical. Offering complete traceability of measurement results and a simplified interface for ease-of-use, Optiv Lite 3.2.2 is suitable for manufacturers looking to adopt automated inspection procedures or meet expanding production demands.

The Optiv Lite 3.2.2 can offer inspection close to production environments, with its rugged mechanical design, high machine dynamics and capabilities for precise measurement in a wide temperature range. This lightweight machine offers a small factory footprint and high accuracy with its 6x motorised zoom lens and high-resolution digital colour camera. An optional touch-trigger probe (HP-TM) is available, as well as the HR-MP probe changer rack that can hold up to three probe modules. Further options include a laser triangulation sensor and a rotary indexing table.
PC-DMIS metrology software comes as standard with Optiv Lite 3.2.2, and users can increase operational simplicity with ‘Inspect’, a stand-alone app that allows production-level operators to easily execute measurement routines using a user-friendly interface.

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Cafisur completes relocation

Cafisur, an industrial sheet-metal fabrication company belonging to lathe manufacturer CMZ, has completed its move to the Tecnobahía Technology Park in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain. The new building has over 8200 sq m of usable surface area on a 16,000 sq m plot of land, which will help to significantly increase the company’s production capacity. The move aims to achieve an increase in production of 50% and a growth in turnover of up to €10m over the next 5 years. The workforce will also gradually increase in line with expansion.

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Piping new life into COVID response

A family-run engineering company in Coventry is playing a major role in the UK’s response to COVID-19 after supplying more than 120 miles of medical gas copper pipes in just six months. Lawton Tubes switched the majority of its production of copper tubes to cater for demand from the NHS and healthcare providers. The tubes are the preferred natural, 100% recyclable, safe means of carrying medical gasses from the plant room to the patient’s bed. Lawton Tubes’ biggest NHS contract to date was for the Nightingale Birmingham Hospital, where it supplied 10 miles of copper tube and thousands of copper fittings for a large mains gas ring.

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