Graining technology at Constant Group

Oldham-based Constant Group recently took the decision to invest £1m in fibre-laser cutters and press brakes and, while these machines may have been the main focus, the arrival of a Timesavers 12-600-W deburring and finishing machine from Ellesco has also made a significant impact on efficiency when graining stainless-steel materials.

“Prior to the acquisition of the 12-series machine we were hand-graining all of these parts, which could take 20 minutes each; we now achieve that in seconds, with consistent quality,” reports Matthew Garlick, joint managing director at Constant Group.

The Timesavers 12 series is among the smallest machines in the range and can be specified with working widths of 225 or 600 mm, the latter being specified by Constant Group, which acquired the basic configuration with an abrasive belt for graining and removing vertical burrs.

A cylinder brush or rotating disc can be fitted to remove side burrs and for edge preparation. Sheet between 1 and 75 mm thickness can be processed with simple control that allows work to flow under the belt at between 3 and 9 m/min to achieve the finish required. The simplicity of the Timesavers 12 series is also playing another important role for Constant Group in that its ease-of-use allows anyone to set and operate it, releasing skilled employees to work on higher value operations.

“Since the arrival of the Timesavers machine it has been running eight hours a day minimum with no issues whatsoever,” says Garlick. “The ability to have anyone run it is a big advantage, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where if we had staff absent we knew we could continue operating.”

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Meeting place for deburring technology

DeburringEXPO, the fourth edition of the trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing, will be held at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre on 12-14 October 2021.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an expert forum, which is in great demand as a source of knowledge, complete with simultaneously interpreted presentations (German <> English). Beyond this, examples based on actual practice and benchmark solutions will provide ideas and stimulation for the optimisation of processes.

The supplementary programme at DeburringEXPO will be geared towards increasing demands for efficiency in production and changing manufacturing technologies, such as in the areas of joining, coating and assembly. A new theme park ‘Automated Deburring with Industrial Robots’ will provide information concerning corresponding solutions, and address the integration of deburring and rounding processes in an interlinked/digitalised production environment. Elsewhere at the show, the ‘Cleaning after Deburring’ theme park will deal with growing demands for technical cleanliness.
DeburringEXPO has a very high proportion of participating visitors (94%) involved in operational investment decisions. These decision-makers are seeking out solutions in a targeted fashion at the show.

“The challenges faced by companies from virtually all manufacturing industries also have an impact on surface-finishing processes such as deburring, rounding, and the production of precision surfaces and cleaning,” explains Hartmut Herdin, managing director of promoter FairXperts GmbH & Co KG. “Beyond this, these process steps are becoming more and more important in the growing market for component conditioning.”
Key requirements in this regard include ongoing quality improvements, increased efficiency, optimisation, automation and the digitalisation of processes, as well as solutions for parts manufactured using new and modified production technologies, such as 3D-printed workpieces and components made from hybrid materials.

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GTMA grows medical cluster

Anticipating the need for an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing medium/long-term growth in the global requirement for medical devices, in March 2020 the GTMA formed a cluster of member companies interested in serving the medical sector. Around 40 companies initially joined the initiative, but this number has now grown to over 90. As a result, the GTMA is continuing to build-up intelligence and connections in the UK medical manufacturing supply chain, identifying commercial opportunities for member companies.

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Connected shop floor

GKN Aerospace is leading the ‘Smart Connected Shop Floor’ project as part of the UK’s ‘Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge’.

UK government and industry are jointly investing to help businesses implement new technology that will boost their productivity. The project will focus on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), intelligent robotics, augmented reality (AR), smart devices and data analytics. Ultimately, the aim is to exploit the productivity opportunities of the digital space, empowering end users, creating an eco-system of digital technologies and aiding real-time cost-effective manufacturing decisions.

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Remote sign-off

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability of customers to travel, Guyson International – an industrial finishing equipment manufacturer – is having to remotely pass-off a number of machines destined for export markets. However, thanks to the co-operation of customers and use of the latest video conferencing software and hardware, the company is able to go through rigorous Factory Acceptance Trial (FAT) procedural checklists and pass-off its machines. In the first half of August alone, Guyson shipped well over £1m worth of export equipment using this strategy.

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