20 years’ service and still going strong

In 1997, Rosario di Gerlando and José Freire had their very first Deco sliding-head lathe delivered by Tornos.

Still in use today at Lauener’s facility in Boudry, Switzerland, a factory that specialises in products for the watchmaking and medical sectors, the meter currently displays 76,301 hours of operational use. Today, the company has almost 150 machine tools. Indeed, within the workshop dedicated to medical products, only Tornos Deco and EvoDeco machines are in place.“The Deco/EvoDeco product is really accomplished and we are fully familiar with it,” says Freire.
Both the kinematic system and the programming of the first Deco machines from 1996 are similar to those of the more recent EvoDeco series. During that time, numerous attachments and tool holders have been provided with an interchangeable design.
“We decided to purchase the machines due to their flexibility, productivity and precision, and they did not disappoint,” says Freire. “The machines fully meet current requirements and will certainly meet the future needs of the business. Tornos machines are extremely versatile and we can produce virtually any part on them. For us, the kinematic system and PELD language are the really strong points of the Deco and EvoDeco models. When producing complex parts, the machines remain the best on the market; they can produce workpieces that no other machine can realise.”
Thanks to its optimum control characteristics, a new EvoDeco machine installed at Lauener will be fully operational in less than one week.
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