15 Doosan lathes acquired by Hunprenco

Hunprenco, a Yorkshire-based manufacturer of plungers and coolers for the glass container industry, has invested in 15 Doosan lathes from Mills CNC over the past five years. The machines comprise six TL 2000 (twin-turret, single-spindle turning centres), six GT 2100 turning centres, a Lynx 220LC compact lathe and two Puma 2600M lathes with driven tooling.
The TL 2000, GT 2100 and one Puma 2600M machines are installed at Hunprenco’s plunger and cooler manufacturing facility, while the Lynx 220LC and a Puma 2600M are located in the company’s second manufacturing facility, which produces precision-engineered parts, not just for the glass industry, but for customers in a range of other sectors.
The decision to invest in the TL 2000 machines was made to increase Hunprenco’s productivity, specifically to enable the company to reduce its lead times.
“The TL 2000’s twin-turret configuration means that we can machine complex parts quicker by reducing three distinct machining operations to just one,” says general manager Ivan McNeill. “We manufacture thousands of plungers every week, so reducing component set-up and cycle times is important and helps us avoid production bottlenecks.”
The 65mm bar capacity box guideway GT 2100 lathes are equipped with a 15.5 kW/4500 rpm spindle. They were selected following in-depth discussions with Mills CNC’s pre-sales and applications engineers to help improve an existing (specific) machining process.
“The team at Mills reviewed our current method for machining coolers and, in partnership with our own engineers, designed, developed and ultimately proved-out a modified and more robust process using the new GT 2100 machines,” explains sales manager Dennis Langfield.
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