120 people visit Bystronic open house

Some 120 people attended the recent three-day open house held at the Coventry headquarters of Bystronic UK.

The use of 10 kW fibre laser technology was among the main themes of the event, particularly the associated automation required to provide sufficiently fast material feed.
To give an indication of the importance of material replenishment, a 10 kW BySprint or ByStar fibre laser machine can position its head at 140 m/min and cut 1 mm mild steel at 60 m/min. Depending on the complexity of the component nest, the cycle can be completed in a few minutes and, the smaller the sheet dimensions, the quicker the cycle is finished.
As visitors learnt from sales manager Andrew Richert, the main presenter, this is where the associated ByTrans material storage and handling systems come into play.
For further information www.bystronic.co.uk