Westley to invest in CNC machinery

Westley Group, one of Europe’s largest privately-owned foundry and engineering groups, is set to further invest in new CNC machinery following an eight-figure funding package from HSBC UK. The funding will support the group’s UK business plans to add further value to its foundry activities through machining more of the castings it produces for its worldwide customer base.
Notably, the financing will also allow Westley Group to grow further into existing and emerging markets for its complex products; most of which are safety-critical in application. As a result, the company will create a number of new jobs in skilled machining operations across its four manufacturing sites. Westley Group was recognised as one of the UK’s top 200 private companies with fastest-growing international sales in the 2021 Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200.

For further information www.bit.ly/3I8l0h2