Wele machine arrives at Adaero

Matching machine-tool investment to the intended applications is something Crediton-based subcontractor Adaero Precision Components has done well over the years. The latest addition to its capacity, a Wele AQ1265 three-axis vertical machining centre with Nikken rotary table fourth-axis, is no exception.

The provider of the Taiwanese-built machine, sole UK agent Whitehouse Machine Tools, has delivered numerous other machining centres to the subcontractor during the last decade, sourced from Brother and Akari. So Adaero had confidence this time around in the supplier’s advice, despite never having heard of the Wele brand.
On this occasion the requirement was to replace an ageing, four-axis machining centre that had become unreliable.
Mainly, the new machine has been devoted to carrying out cycles of relatively low complexity on simple parts, such as large aluminium plates. A moderate level of investment was appropriate in a machine fulfilling this type of work. Nevertheless, Dimensional accuracies of typically ±0.01 mm need to be held. Furthermore, despite three-quarters of output from the factory being aluminium parts, the machine has to be robust to perform arduous cutting cycles, continuously, every day from 08:00 to 17:00.
David Smith, Adaero’s finance manager says: “The Wele met our requirements and cost significantly less than other machines we reviewed. Our engineering director Jack Wilson-Hill visited a Whitehouse customer to see a similar machine in action and was impressed with the rigidity of build. The fact that Wele is part-owned by Toyoda, a Japanese manufacturer of top-end machine tools, also pointed to production equipment that was of high quality, added to which the AQ1265 was competitively priced, so we placed the order.”
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