VHybrid from Vollmer offers ultimate flexibility

Among the latest innovations presented at the recent GrindingHub exhibition, the new VHybrid from Vollmer was one of the talking points of the show. With the facility to both erode PCD and grind carbide cutting tools in a single operation by combining the two technologies into a single machine, the VHybrid is the epitome of flexibility.

To celebrate the arrival of this innovation and develop a greater understanding of the concept, Alexander Schmid, product manager for rotary and PCD tools at Vollmer, discusses the new arrival in more depth.

“We started with two technologies, disc and wire erosion technology,” he says. “With this technology, we have significant success processing tools via erosion. The concept for the new VHybrid machine is borne out of the successful VGrind technology. This means that we have vertical spindle alignment with the upper spindle being the grinding spindle, and the lower spindle having both erosion and grinding. With this functionality, we can erode and grind most of the tooling that is available on the market. Furthermore, as the use of complex tools such as full-head PCD tools is steadily increasing, the demand for machines that enable combined machining, eroding and grinding, is also growing.”

The concept of the VHybrid 260 offers the user the possibility to erode 100% but also to grind 100%. This is a decisive advantage as both technologies are available for use on the same tool. But the machine offers many further benefits besides.

“For instance, the generator in the VHybrid machine is the most powerful in an erosion machine on the market right now,” says Schmid. “We have received feedback from the market that our system is the benchmark in terms of efficiency and surface finish.”
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