Vgrind 360E takes centre stage

Vollmer used its recent VDays event at the company’s world headquarters in Biberach, Germany to present its latest Vgrind 360E to over 400 customers that came from around the globe.

Introducing the new tool grinder, business development manager for the Vgrind 360 and Vgrind 360E, Andreas Weidenauer, discussed the benefits of the machine, which can process tools up to 100 mm in diameter, with a length of 360 mm. The presentation included an overview of the build quality that touched on the polymer concrete machine base for vibration absorption and reduced thermal expansion. With low thermal conductivity, the Vgrind 360E generates less thermal expansion throughout its robust 2100 kg structure.
Upon this base is the C-axis concept that provides the absorption and elimination of deformation and vibration through the top and bottom bearings in the twin grinding spindle configuration. Competitor machines with just a single bearing carry a higher risk of deformation and vibration, says Vollmer.
Underpinning the dynamics, kinematics and thermal stability of the Vgrind 360E, Vollmer has integrated an internal oil-based coolant cycle for cooling both the spindles and the motors. The temperature is maintained as a constant between the internal coolant oil cycle and the grinding coolant liquid due to a plate heat exchanger. This attention to detail increases the thermal stability of the Vgrind 360E and, as the oil runs through internal cooling cycles, the risk of damage or contamination through leakage is reduced.
The C and A axes have been configured with direct-drive torque motors to improve the dynamics of the Vgrind 360E. Indeed, the A-axis spindle rotates at a speed of 450 rpm as standard, with an optional 1000 rpm unit for specialist applications.
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