Updated Radian laser tracker from API

API has announced the launch of its updated series of Radian laser trackers. The extended Radian laser tracker range comprises three models: Radian Pro, Radian Plus and Radian Core.

Radian Pro offers both absolute distance measurement (ADM) and inferometer (IFM) capability, and is available with 20, 50 and 80 m range options, as well as six degrees of freedom (6DoF). The trackers can be provided with calibration tools to perform dynamic calibration and tracking of industrial robots and machine tools, delivering enhanced performance of manufacturing processes by reducing process variation.
With regard to Radian Plus, this laser tracker is supplied as standard with the API vProbe or iScan. The vProbe is a handheld, lightweight tactile probe that extends the laser tracker co-ordinate measuring capabilities by permitting intricate features and part characteristics outside the line-of-sight tracker set-up. API’s vProbe is said to offer more versatility than a portable arm CMM and is suitable for large parts and styli lengths up to 500 mm. Alternatively, API iScan is a handheld, lightweight non-contact scanner with higher data rate and point cloud capture speed, as well as a newly developed global position sensor system.
Finally, Radian Core is a spherically-mounted retroflector (SMR) tracker only, with measuring ranges of 50
and 80 m.
All of API’s laser trackers feature the Unibody design that uses shaft-mounted motors, encoders and laser; the latter helps minimise ABBE offset errors. Unibody houses the laser source, optics, camera and major head electronics in the centre of the tracker body, centring all heat sources and allowing rapid distribution of heat throughout the body during warm-up or any drastic ambient temperature variations.
For further information https://apisensor.com/