University installs Excetek wire EDM

Supplied by Warwick Machine Tools, an Excetek V650 wire EDM has been installed at the University of Wolverhampton.

Graduates working on the UWR Racing team at the university, which runs a competitive car in the Formula 3 series, are using the machine to produce critical parts.
At the University of Wolverhampton, the Excetek V650 is used primarily to remove printed parts, created using additive manufacturing technology, from their supporting structures. An accurate cut must be provided in demanding conditions, with raw un-sintered powder material often left within cavities inside the component, which presents further challenges. The Excetek V650G was chosen because it can meet all these demands.
A non-contact process, wire EDM does not induce stress into the raw material; it will cut anything that is conductive. Even super alloys can be cut as easily as mild steel. Using 5-axis cutting allows different profiles to be created on the top and bottom side of the part. Components measuring up to 1000 mm can be cut on the Excetek V650.
Versatility of process is another benefit of wire EDM. For example, users can produce a gear on an Excetek EDM machine to an ‘as-ground’ finish. Conceivably, this means that users could load a heat-treated blank on the worktable, and cut the internal spline and outside gear profile such that the part would come off ready to use. For the students at Wolverhampton, this flexibility allows them to think outside the box.
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