Two Vollmer products unveiled at EMO

The white trade fair roof with logo was visible from afar at EMO 2019 last month, guiding visitors to the stand where Vollmer was presenting its latest technologies and innovations. Vollmer unveiled two machines at the show: the VHybrid 360 grinding and erosion machine, and the VGrind 340S grinding machine.

Beginning with the VHybrid 360, this machine can be used to produce solid carbide and PCD cutting tools in a single set up. With the newly devised Vollmer tool manager, users can manage the automatic switching of up to eight grinding or eroding wheels intuitively. VHybrid 360 is based on multi-layer machining, which is implemented through two vertically arranged spindles. The bottom spindle can be used for both grinding and eroding, while the top spindle is reserved exclusively for grinding. Vollmer’s key erosion component is the VPulse EDM generator.
The VGrind 340S grinding machine, suitable for machining even the smallest carbide tools, was also presented in Hanover for the first time. Drills and milling cutters with diameters of 0.3 mm or larger, which are in high demand in the automotive, electronics and medical device sectors, can be sharpened using the VGrind 340S. The machine features two vertical spindles.
Five harmonised CNC axes achieve interpolation with short travel distances for the linear axes and swivel ranges, which in turn reduces the time required to machine workpieces. Solutions for automation, such as pallet magazines or free-arm robots, ensure that machining can continue unattended around
the clock.
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